Benefits for business

Powerful tools to engage with your staff and customers

You’re a busy person. That’s why we made Enkidu fuss-free to set up, and capable of helping you run your entire business from your phone

Increase customer engagement
Enkidu’s Business app helps you track, manage and grow your customer base. You can view your customers’ activity and the selfies they post, and then send them something special to say thank you, directly to their mobile devices

Encourage social advocacy
The selfie component of our app takes social media management off your plate and serves it up to your customers. All you have to do is monitor their content, and maybe even send them a token of your gratitude every now and then

Boost staff performance
Think of your staff as the stalk joining your customers with your business; Enkidu is all about encouraging them to be their best, so that you can be better. View the latest reward information and staff interactions with loyalty programs through Enkidu’s staff management apps

Support Environmental Initiatives
We’re all familiar with the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Now Enkidu is adding two more to the list: “redeem rewards”. Encourage your customers to support environmentally friendly businesses, and join us on our mission to save the world, one purchase at a time

Keep It Simple
From branded stickers to QR codes, we supply everything you need to join the Enkidu bandwagon. We also tailor loyalty programs to suit your business, so it works for you and your customers! Who says you can’t please everyone?

Benefits for customers

Add a cherry-on-top to every experience

The Enkidu App puts a little extra into every day.  All it takes is a little cherry on top to turn your daily routines into rewarding rituals

Get to know your community
Enkidu can help you go from stranger to valued customer by letting the businesses you love get to know you. You can earn points and rewards for regular visits, and we can introduce you to new businesses you’ll love with the touch of a button

Go digital
The physical punch cards will soon be a thing of the past – why use paper when you can track your purchases and watch the rewards appear on your phone? That’s the magic of Enkidu; when you download our simple QR code scanner, every transaction becomes an interaction

Earn points from selfies
When did you last take a selfie on your phone? Enkidu turns those memories into a form of currency – posting a selfie of your lunch at your favourite café on Facebook or Instagram can net you points and rewards, and maybe even a few free lunches down the track. Nothing tastes better than that

Stay on track
Enkidu helps you track your points, rewards, and activity, so you’ll have one less thing to think about on your coffee break. The app also allows you to switch languages, and link your social media profiles to connect with your friends – easy!

Celebrate a job well done
Enkidu businesses who support good causes and care for the environment will gain badges and markings within the Enkidu app, so choosing somewhere to eat will be that much easier. You can also earn rewards for bringing reusable bags or cups to your favourite store, so helping the environment is an even sweeter deal