Our Story

Get to know us

Travelling the world and living amongst local communities gave our team a new lens to see the world. It was this mindset that first sparked what would become Enkidu. Seeded in Laos within the local business arena then incubated in El Salvador with passionate small business owners, Enkidu is now present in Brisbane, Australia, where we have set up our base.

The “ah-hah” moment

After several pizza sessions at an Italian restaurant, we noticed a turning point in the way we were treated as customers. We were no longer strangers, but were greeted by name. We no longer had menus, they already knew what we loved.

Naturally, we took a bunch of selfies and posted it recommending the place to all our friends. As a result we ended up eating there more often with more people. That was our “ah-hah moment” – we were no longer anonymous, but rather had developed a rewarding relationship, benefiting both merchant and customer.

Good to great

We wanted to bottle and harness the fuzzy feeling that turns an already good experience into a great one. These moments can’t be forced. They occur authentically through personal interactions with shop owners, like being let in on their secret menu, having your birthday remembered, or getting a little bonus treat when you least expect it.

We call this the “cherry-on- top” moment, because it’s the little extras and bonuses that makes all the difference to an everyday experience.

Our philosophy

We developed a set of core principles that guide the choices we make.

These are our four golden rules for creating rewarding relationships

  • We turn transactions into interactions
  • We turn routine into rituals
  • We turn punch cards into customer experience
  • We turn customers into promoters

Shaking up the industry

The concept of rewards schemes hasn’t evolved much beyond the old days of punch cards and transactions. While observing the emerging rewards tech in Australia and USA we noticed it didn’t capture the personal touch and engagement formed when you create a real rewarding relationship between customer and shop owner. We believed there was a way to utilise technology to revolutionise the experience, so we decided to develop a platform that places rewarding relationships at the heart of what we offer. We turn punch cards into relationships and transactions into interactions.

Follow our journey

Kicking off in the first quarter of 2018, Enkidu will pay homage by launching in the very city where the idea was first conceived – Vientiane, Laos. Beyond the launch, where from there you ask? Well, being travelers at heart, there are plenty more adventures to come…

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