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where relationships and rewards come together

What we’re about

Rewarding relationships

We grow mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and customers – one interaction, one experience, and one community at a time

Our app follows four golden rules:

Turn transactions into interactions

We focus on helping you build real relationships with your customer

Turn routine into rituals

We understand the emotional connections which sets rituals apart from the everyday

Turn punch cards into customer experience

We go beyond the checkout to integrate with your customers' daily lives

Turn customers into promoters

We empower customers to celebrate their relationships with your business

Our Story

Which one are you?

For business or pleasure

Our app connects and enhances the experiences of both customer and business, providing a uniquely holistic approach to loyalty

Enkidu: For business

Drive your customers to authentic engagement, loyalty and advocacy through our philosophy of rewarding relationships

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Enkidu: For pleasure

Experience all that your favourite businesses have to offer and reap the rewards of building relationships, all while reducing your environmental footprint

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Attract and retain more customers

Strong customer loyalty is the ultimate goal in business; a loyal customer becomes a frequent visitor and an organic promoter for your business. Enkidu helps to build the mutually beneficial relationships that turn new visitors into loyal customers, and long-term customers into lifelong friends

Turn Customers into Promoters

  • We turn passive customers into proactive promoters. Our app encourages customers to share their best experiences with their friends through social media
  • Social media turns word of mouth into a commodity, giving customers more power to catapult their favourite businesses to success

Turn Staff into Ambassadors

  • Your staff do much more than just make coffee or handle cash; they are the face of your business, and the best channel of communication between you and your customers
  • Encouraging extraordinary action from your staff is like giving your business a facelift, and it’s always a good look. The best part is you can do it all from our app
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